RoboCup Scandinavian Committee

What is RoboCup?

The Robot World Cup Initiative (RoboCup) is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem, playing soccer, where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.

Multi-agent systems represent a growing area of research in the AI community, but mostly due to the variety of applications in which multi-agent systems have been used, contacts and exchanges between groups of researchers working in this domain have not been so frequent. The RoboCup offers the possibility to confront and exchange ideas in a common domain and encourages researchers to establish and keeping contacts with each other.

What is the aim of the Scandinavian RoboCup Committee?

The Scandinavian RoboCup Committee has the aim to promote the RoboCup initiative in Scandinavia through organizing local events and putting in contact groups of research in Scandinavia that share the interest in RoboCup. We are now organizing the committee and welcome new members. Please send an e-mail to silvia.coradeschi + @ + if:
  • you want to know more about the initiative;
  • you are interested on being member of the committee;
  • you are participating or intend to participate to RoboCup (we would like to have links of all the groups in Scandinavia who want to participate to RoboCup);

Members of the Scandinavian RoboCup Committee

Silvia Coradeschi Dept. of Technology, Örebro University (Organizer)
Lars Karlsson Dept. of Technology, Örebro University (Organizer)
Jacek Malec Dept. of Computer Science, Lund University
Magnus Boman Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University
Stefan Johansson Societies of Computation (SoC), University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
Åke Malmberg Department of Information Technology, MidSweden University
Jukka Riekki Computer Laboratory, University of Oulu
Keith Downing Department of Informatics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Brian Mayoh Computer Science Department, Aarhus University
Henrik Hautop Lund Computer Science Department, Aarhus University
Christian Balkenius Lund University Cognitive Science
Ole Ravn Technical University of Denmark

Past activities

RoboCup99 has been held in Stockholm during IJCAI99. The persons involved in the organization of the event were: Silvia Coradeschi, Lars Karlsson, Magnus Boman, Christian Balkenius, Henrik Hautop Lund and Paul Scerri.

The 6 of May 98 Silvia Coradeschi has presented the RoboCup initiative at the SAIS yearly meeting and workshop, held in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, at Linkoping University, on the 6-7 of May.

The 30 of May 98 12.00 - 16.00 in Stockholm there was an event to promote simulated soccer in 1999. Magnus Boman, Henrik Hautop Lund and Silvia Coradeschi made presentations about RoboCup. This was part of an exhibition to be held in Stockholm from the 22 of May till the 27 of June 1998. The exhibition was called The Global Tendency Machine and showed a media scenario for the near future, taking into account of the current trends in converging technologies, media and motion design.

The 13th of May, in occasion of MAAMAW'97, the Scandinavian RoboCup Committee has organized a RoboCup meeting in Ronneby (Sweden) to present the RoboCup initiative, some of the approaches to RoboCup, and what is currently done in Scandinavia in relation to RoboCup and to discuss future initiatives of the Committee. Slides presented at the meeting