Masoumeh Mansouri

Welcome To My Homepage

I am Masoumeh (Iran) Mansouri. Iran is my nickname (my parents chose it!). I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the Cognitive Robotic Systems of the AASS center at the Örebro University, where I received my PhD (2016) as well. My main research interest is to employ artificial intelligent techniques in autonomous mobile robotics, with a particular focus on the use of hybrid knowledge representation and reasoning and meta constraint-based reasoning. My overall passion is to work towards the realization of fully AI-driven integrated robotic systems. I am also very passionate about the topics at the intersection of feminism and robotics, i.e., how to build and program intelligent robotic systems that do not reason and act in a sexist way.


Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligent in Autonomous Mobile Robotics
  • Multi-robot Planning and Coordination for Industrial Vehicles
  • Integrated Reasoning in Robotics
  • Hybrid Knowledge Representation for Robotics
  • Feminism and Robotics

My Recent Activities