I am a researcher at the AASS Research Centre, Örebro University, where I did my PhD thesis, titled Bridging the Semantic Gap between Sensor Data and Ontological Knowledge [pdf], under the supervision of Prof. Amy Loutfi in 2011. My current research interests lie in:

  • Symbolic models of artificial intelligenc, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR)
  • Integration of symbolic models with data-driven methods, and in particular Neural-Symbolic integrated systems
  • Context awareness in Smart Environment (sensory systems)
  • Transparency and Explanability in AI systems

My publication list can be found here.


AASS Research Centre,
Dept. of Computer Science, Örebro University,
SE - 70182 Örebro, Sweden

Email: marjan [dot] alirezaie [at] oru [dot] se