Hello! I'm Lia Susana Silva-Lopez. I work in Configuration Planning, at the AASS Cognitive Robotics Lab, with Lars Karlsson, Silvia Coradeschi, and Amy Loutfi. My research is being applied in the Giraff+ Project, in which we are trying to develop a system to for promoting independent living in the elderly, by assisting them in a non-invasive way. And yes, we work with the oh-so-cool Giraff Robot =) . I participate in the activities of the International Master's Program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems of Örebro University. Oh, and check out our YouTube Channel :), some cool stuff is done in here :D.

I worked in the ALIFE Research group at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, where I did my MSc. In ALIFE, the work focuses on modelling natural and social phenomena (physical, biological, social and cultural), and verifying those models on hardware and other media. In ALIFE, my work can be framed on the ecology, society and artificial culture research area. I worked on modelling the way a simple artificial society interacts by designing, simulating and building a set of protocols for WSN, capable of satisfying timeliness, robustness, longevity and latency control for spatio-temporal data-centered demands.

I am an Engineer in Electronics, and I have a Master in Systems Engineering and Computing.

My ultimate goal is to understand why and how is that communication emerged. I hope such understanding might help us build better unsupervised systems. I love photography, learning new things, taking care of animals, travelling, going outdoors, cooking, and planning "impossible" things. Not as sporty lately as I would like, but well :D.