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First scenario: the task is to stack the blocks (alphabetical order in these examples).



Rearrangement of objects: the task is to swap the position of the (center of) cup with the position of the (center of) tray. Left: only block A needs to be moved. Right: both blocks A and B need to be moved.



The third scenario of the paper. Left: 1 bottle (we apologize for a bug in the path smoothing). Right: 2 bottles (not in the paper). Fabot performs unecessary motions, but this does not affect the number of steps of the plan, since actions are done in parallel. At the end of the plan, Justin graps the bottle on the table, which is also unecessary.



The last scenario of the paper. Transportation scenario with 5 blocks. Objects have to be "cleaned" by being placed on the large table. On the left, an optimal plan (26 steps, 44 actions), on the right, a non-optimal solution (32 steps, 50 actions).