Laboratory 6 - Putting things together
(assigned on Oct 1)


Implement and test a Sense-Plan-Act (SPA) architecture


  1. Create a top-level program that: reads a gridmap from a file, plans a path from a given start position to a given goal position, makes the robot follow that path to the goal, and stops.
  2. Decide a configuration of obstacles in your playground, and create a gridmap that models that configuration. Run your program using that gridmap, for a given start and goal position.

Optional parts

  1. Test your program with different start and goal positions, and with different configurations of obstacles.

  2. Implement a Reactive architecture. This will only require small changes to the logic of your top-level program. However, and more importantly, it will also require you to combine the fuzzy rules for going to the goal with the rules for avoiding obstacles. Use the hints given during the lecture to do this.

  3. Test your Reactive architecture with the same start and goal positions and the same configurations of obstacles that you used for Option 3. What difference do you notice between the behavior of the robot using the SPA architecture, and the one using the Reactive architecure?

No report due for this Lab