Perception-Based Self-Localization Using Fuzzy Locations

A. Saffiotti and L. P. Wesley

We describe a fuzzy-based approach to self localization to support indoor robot navigation. Our approach is perception-based: clues extracted by the perceptual apparatus are matched against an approximate map to obtain an estimate of the robot's location in the map. Each perceptual clue is treated as a source of partial locational information, represented by a fuzzy set; other sources, like odometry or external measurements, are also treated in this way. Information coming from different sources is combined using a fuzzy aggregation operator. We illustrate our approach by showing experiments performed on a mobile robot, Flakey.
A. Saffiotti and L. P. Wesley Perception-Based Self-Localization Using Fuzzy Locations. In: L. Dorst, M. van Lambalghen and F. Voorbraak (eds) Reasoning with Uncertainty in Robotics, pp. 368-385. LNCS 1093, Springer, DE, 1996.
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