An Introduction to the Anchoring Problem

S. Coradeschi and A. Saffiotti

Anchoring is the problem of connecting, inside an artificial system, symbols and sensor data that refer to the same physical objects in the external world. This problem needs to be solved in any robotic system that incorporates a symbolic component. However, it is only recently that the anchoring problem has started to be addressed as a problem per se, and a few general solutions have begun to appear in the literature. This paper introduces the special issue on perceptual anchoring of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems journal. Our goal is to provide a general overview of the anchoring problem, and to highlight some of its subtle points.
S. Coradeschi and A. Saffiotti. An Introduction to the Anchoring Problem. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 43(2-3):85-96, 2003. Special issue on perceptual anchoring.
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