Cooperative Object Localization Using Fuzzy Logic

J.P. Canovas, K. LeBlanc, and A. Saffiotti

Cooperative localization of objects is an important challenge in multi-robot systems. We propose a new approach to cooperative object localization by a group of communicating robots. In our approach we see each robot as an expert which provides unreliable information about the location of objects. The information provided by different robots is combined using fuzzy logic techniques, in order to reach agreement between the robots. This contrasts with current techniques, which average the information provided by different robots, and can incur well-known problems when information is unreliable. We have tested our technique on a team of Sony AIBO robots in the RoboCup domain. We present experimental results obtained by sharing information about the location of the ball.
J.P. Cánovas, K. LeBlanc, and A. Saffiotti. Cooperative Object Localization Using Fuzzy Logic. Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics. (MMAR) Miedzyzdroje, Poland, 2003, pp. 773-778.
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