A modal logic for fusing partial belief of multiple reasoners

L. Boldrin and A. Saffiotti

We present PLn, a multi-agent epistemic logic in which each agent can perform uncertain (possibilistic) reasoning. The original feature of this logic is the presence of a distributed belief operator, with the purpose of merging the belief of different agents. Unlike the corresponding operator in the categorical (non-uncertain) case, our distributed belief operator accumulates support for the same fact coming from different agents. This means that opinions shared by different agents can be combined into a stronger distributed belief. This feature is useful in problems like pooling expert opinions and combining information from multiple unreliable sources. We provide a possible worlds semantics and an axiomatic calculus for our logic, and prove soundness, completeness and decidability results. We hint at some possible applications of PLn in the conclusions.
L. Boldrin and A. Saffiotti. A Modal Logic for Fusing Partial Belief of Multiple Reasoners. Journal of Logic and Computation 9(1):81-103, 1999.
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