Handling Uncertainty in Semantic-Knowledge Based Execution Monitoring

A. Bouguerra, L. Karlsson and A. Saffiotti

Executing plans by mobile robots, in real world environments, faces the challenging issues of uncertainty and environment dynamics. Thus, execution monitoring is needed to verify that plan actions are executed as expected. Semantic domain-knowledge has lately been proposed as a source of information to derive and monitor implicit expectations of executing actions. For instance, when a robot moves into a room asserted to be an office, it would expect to see a desk and a chair. We propose to extend the semantic knowledge-based execution monitoring to take uncertainty in actions and sensing into account when verifying the expectations derived from semantic knowledge. We consider symbolic probabilistic action models, and show how semantic knowledge is used together with a probabilistic sensing model in the monitoring process of such actions. Our approach is illustrated by showing test scenarios run in an indoor environment using a mobile robot.
A. Bouguerra, L. Karlsson and A. Saffiotti. Handling Uncertainty in Semantic-Knowledge Based Execution Monitoring. Proc. of the IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). San Diego, CA, 2007.
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