Seamless Integration of Robots and Tiny Embedded Devices in a PEIS-Ecology

M. Bordignon, J. Rashid, M. Broxvall and A. Saffiotti

The fields of autonomous robotics and ambient intelligence are converging toward the vision of smart robotic environments, in which tasks are performed via the cooperation of many networked robotic devices. To enable this vision, we need a common communication and cooperation model that can be shared between robotic devices at different scales, ranging from standard mobile robots to tiny embedded devices. Unfortunately, today's robot middlewares are too heavy to run on tiny devices, and middlewares for embedded devices are too simple to support the cooperation models needed by an autonomous smart environment. In this paper, we propose a middleware model which allows the seamless integration of standard robots and simple off-the-shelf embedded devices. Our middleware is suitable for building truly ubiquitous robotics applications, in which devices of very different scales and capabilities can cooperate in a uniform way. We discuss the principles and implementation of our middleware, and show an experiment in which a mobile robot, a commercial mote, and a custom-built mote cooperate in a home service scenario.
M. Bordignon, J. Rashid, M. Broxvall and A. Saffiotti. Seamless Integration of Robots and Tiny Embedded Devices in a PEIS-Ecology. Proc. of the IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). San Diego, CA, 2007.
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