A Note on the Role of Logic in Fuzzy Logic Controllers

C. Sossai, G. Chemello, and A. Saffiotti

We give an account of (Mamdani-type) fuzzy controllers based on a version of possibilistic logic, called Local Possibilistic Logic (LPL). To find a logical interpretation of fuzzy controllers, we show: (i) how to translate fuzzy statements and fuzzy control rules into LPL formulae, (ii) how to compute the fuzzy relation that characterizes the controller using the proof system of LPL, and (iii) how to apply this relation to a given input using the compositional rule of inference, which is derived in LPL.
C. Sossai, G. Chemello, and A. Saffiotti. A Note on the Role of Logic in Fuzzy Logic Controllers. Proc. of the 8th Int. Conf. on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty, pp. 717-723. Madrid, SP, 2000.
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