Semantic Knowledge-Based Execution Monitoring for Mobile Robots

A. Bouguerra, L. Karlsson and A. Saffiotti

We describe a novel intelligent execution monitoring approach for mobile robots acting in indoor environments such as offices and houses. Traditionally, monitoring execution in mobile robotics amounted to looking for discrepancies between the model-based predicted state of executing an action and the real world state as computed from sensing data. We propose to employ semantic knowledge as a source of information to monitor execution. The key idea is to compute implicit expectations, from semantic domain information, that can be observed at run time by the robot to make sure actions are executed correctly. We present the semantic knowledge representation formalism, and how semantic knowledge is used in monitoring. We also describe experiments run in an indoor environment using a real mobile robot.
A. Bouguerra, L. Karlsson and A. Saffiotti. Semantic Knowledge-Based Execution Monitoring for Mobile Robots. Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) pp. 3693-3698. Rome, Italy, 2007.
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