Learning to Locate an Odour Source with a Mobile Robot

T. Duckett, M. Axelsson, and A. Saffiotti

We address the problem of enabling a mobile robot to locate a stationary odour source using an electronic nose constructed from gas sensors. On the hardware side, we use a stereo nose architecture consisting of two parallel chambers, each containing an identical set of sensors. On the software side, we use a recurrent artificial neural network to learn the direction to a stationary source from a time series of sensor readings. This contrasts with previous approaches, that rely on the existence of a model of the sensor's dynamics. The complete system is able to orient and turn towards the source. An experimental validation was carried out to evaluate the performance of the system.
T. Duckett, M. Axelsson, and A. Saffiotti. Learning to Locate an Odour Source with a Mobile Robot. Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) pp. 4017-4022. Seoul, Korea, 2001.
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