A Human-Aware Robot Task Planner

M. Cirillo, L. Karlsson, A. Saffiotti

The growing presence of household robots in inhabited environments arises the need for new robot task planning techniques. These techniques should take into consideration not only the actions that the robot can perform or unexpected external events, but also the actions performed by a human sharing the same environment, in order to improve the cohabitation of the two agents, e.g., by avoiding undesired situations for the human. In this paper, we present a human-aware planner able to address this problem. This planner supports alternative hypotheses of the human plan, temporal duration for the actions of both the robot and the human, constraints on the interaction between robot and human, partial goal achievement and, most importantly, the possibility to use observations of human actions in the policy generated for the robot. The planner has been tested as a standalone component and in conjunction with our framework for human-robot interaction in a real environment.
M. Cirillo, L. Karlsson and A. Saffiotti. A Human-Aware Robot Task Planner. Proc of the 11th Int Conf on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS). Thessaloniki, Greece, 2009.
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