Using Javaspace for a PEIS Ecology

B.S. Seo, M. Broxvall, M. Gritti, A. Saffiotti and J.B. Kim

The ecology of Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems (PEIS) is a new multirobotic framework conceived by integrating insights from the fields of autonomous robotics and ambient intelligence. A PEIS-Ecology is a network of intelligent robotic devices that can provide the user with assistance, information, communication, and entertainment services. In this paper we introduce the concept of PEIS Ecology, and we investigate about the use of JAVASPACE to build a middleware infrastructure that meets its special requirements. At the end, we illustrate a concrete realization of a PEIS-Ecology we implemented using JAVASPACE as a communication middleware.
B.S. Seo, M. Broxvall, M. Gritti, A. Saffiotti and J.B. Kim. Using Javaspace for a PEIS Ecology. Proc. of the 9th Int. Conf. on Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS). Tokyo, JP, 2005.
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