Using Fuzzy Logic for Mobile Robot Control

A. Saffiotti, E.H. Ruspini, and K. Konolige

The development of techniques for autonomous operation in real-world, unstructured environments constitutes one of the major trends in the current research on mobile robotics. In spite of recent advances, a number of fundamental difficulties remain. In this chapter, we discuss how fuzzy logic techniques can be used to address some of these difficulties. To illustrate the discussion, we describe the fuzzy-logic solutions developed on Flakey, the mobile robot of SRI International.
A. Saffiotti, E.H. Ruspini, and K. Konolige. Using Fuzzy Logic for Mobile Robot Control. Chapter 5 in H-J. Zimmermann (ed) Practical Applications of Fuzzy Technologies, Handbooks of Fuzzy Sets series, vol. 6, pp. 185-205. Kluwer Academic, MA, 1999.
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