PEIS Ecologies: Ambient Intelligence meets Autonomous Robotics

A. Saffiotti and M. Broxvall

A common vision in the field of autonomous robotics is to create a skilled robot companion that is able to live in our homes and to perform physical tasks to help us in our everyday life. Another vision, coming from the field of ambient intelligence, is to create a network of intelligent devices that provides us with information, communication, and entertainment. We propose to combine these two visions into the new concept of an ecology of networked Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems (PEIS). In this paper, we define this concept, discuss ways to implement it, and illustrate it on a simple example involving some real robotic devices.
A. Saffiotti and M. Broxvall. PEIS Ecologies: Ambient Intelligence meets Autonomous Robotics. Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Smart Objects and Ambient Intelligence (sOc-EUSAI) pp. 275-280. Grenoble, France, 2005.
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