Robots with the Best of Intentions

S. Parsons, O. Pettersson, A. Saffiotti, and M. Wooldridge

Intelligent mobile robots need the ability to integrate robust navigation facilities with higher level reasoning. This paper is an attempt at combining results and techniques from the areas of robot navigation and of intelligent agency. We propose to integrate an existing navigation system based on fuzzy logic with a deliberator based on the so-called BDI model. We discuss some of the subtleties involved in this integration, and illustrate it on a simulated example. Experiments on a real mobile robot are under way.
S. Parsons, O. Pettersson, A. Saffiotti and M. Wooldridge. Robots with the Best of Intentions. In: M. Wooldridge and M. Veloso, eds, Artificial Intelligence Today, LNAI 1600 (Springer, DE, 1999) pp. 329-338.
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