A Multivalued-Logic Approach to Integrating Planning and Control

A. Saffiotti, K. Konolige, and E. H. Ruspini

Intelligent agents embedded in a dynamic, uncertain environment should incorporate capabilities for both planned and reactive behavior. Many current solutions to this dual need focus on one aspect, and treat the other one as secondary. We propose an approach for integrating planning and control based on behavior schemas, which link physical movements to abstract action descriptions. Behavior schemas describe behaviors of an agent, expressed as trajectories of control actions in an environment, and goals can be defined as predicates on these trajectories. Goals and behaviors can be combined to produce conjoint goals and complex controls. The ability of multivalued logics to represent graded preferences allows us to formulate tradeoffs in the combination. Two composition theorems relate complex controls to complex goals, and provide the key to using standard knowledge-based deliberation techniques to generate complex controllers. We report experiments in planning and execution on a mobile robot platform, Flakey.
A. Saffiotti, K. Konolige, and E.H. Ruspini. A Multivalued-Logic Approach to Integrating Planning and Control. Artificial Intelligence 76(1-2):481-526, 1995.
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