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Free-lance flutist. Multiple personality researcher, obsessed with the problem of integrating cognitive and physical abilities inside artificial robotic agents. Head of the Cognitive Robotic Systems laboratory at the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) of Örebro University, Sweden.
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Autonomous robotics, Cooperative robotics, Robots for the elderly, Fuzzy logic, Uncertainty management.

New: The special issue on AI and Robotics of the Artificial Intelligence journal has now been published!
Read the Editorial: "Towards a science of integrated AI and Robotics" (free pre-print)

A portrait of the author...
...as a musician
...as a researcher (my University page)

Things I write
Articles: see my Google Scholar page
Books: Fuzzy logic techniques for autonomous vehicle navigation, my PhD thesis.
Presentations: My keynote talk "The Reunion of AI and Robotics" at ECAI-2014.
Software: Pulcinella, the Thinking Cap

Things I teach
Artificial Intelligence (MSc program in computer engineering, yearly)
Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Robots (BS program in computer engineering, yearly)
Topics in Contemporary Computer Science (PhD program, yearly)
Fuzzy Logic Techniques in Autonomous Robotics (PhD program, on demand)

Things I organize
The AI and Robotics initiative and mailing list
The Lucia Series of meetings and schools on AI and Robotics
The euRobotics topic group on AI and Cognition in Robotics (AICoR)
The CREA ("Cross-disciplinary Research on Effectual Anticipation") research network (led by Luis de Miranda)
A few conferences, workshops, and other events (very much out of date...)

Places I surf when I feel...
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