Rafael Mosberger
Vision-based Human Detection
from Mobile Machinery
in Industrial Environments
Örebro University, 2016

The problem addressed in this thesis is the detection, localisation and tracking of human workers from mobile industrial machinery using a customised vision system developed at Örebro University. The demand for such sensor systems originates from the fact that many industrial environments represent work spaces that are shared between humans and mobile machinery and where accidents frequently result in serious injuries and fatalities. Addressing this safety issue, the thesis presents a collection of papers which introduce, ana - lyse and evaluate a novel vision-based method for sensing humans equipped with protective high-visibility garments in the neighbourhood of manned or unmanned industrial vehicles. Strong focus has been placed on the industrial applicability of the approach, and the work therefore includes an extensive experimental evaluation in a number of different real-world indoor and outdoor work environments.

Keywords: Human Detection, Human Tracking, Industrial Safety, Infrared Vision
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