Robert Krug
Development of a flexible Handling- and Assemblysystem for short cycle times
Abstract: The thesis was conducted with the collaboration of the M&R Automation GmbH. The company identified the need for a cost-effective and flexible handling system for the automated taking of a component from a loading device and subsequent placement at a production line. Pick & Place - cycles should have been possible at short cycle times. A 3-axis timing-belt driven handling module operating with hoist-like cinematics, was developed in the course of the present thesis. This kind of cinematics allows the use of stationary actuators. Furthermore, a linear motor driven alternative with serial cinematics, as well as a lateral axis were elaborated. The dimensioning of the drives was based on simulations. The control was carried out by means of a Software-PLC. The application of EtherCAT allowed the utilization of Internet technologies on the fieldbus-level, where the communication between the control components happens. This enables commissioning with every compatible PC.
Thesis: [PDF (0.7MB)]
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