Abdelbaki Bouguerra and Lars Karlsson
Synthesizing Plans for Multiple Domains
Proceedings of the Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation (SARA). Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2005.
Abstract: Intelligent agents acting in real world environments need to synthesize their course of action based on multiple sources of knowledge. They also need to generate plans that smoothly integrate actions from different domains. In this paper we present a generic approach to synthe- size plans for solving planning problems involving multiple domains. The proposed approach performs search hierarchically by starting planning in one domain and considering subgoals related to the other domains as abstract tasks to be planned for later when their respective domains are considered. To plan in each domain, a domain-dependent planner can be used, making it possible to integrate different planners, possibly with different specializations. We outline the algorithm, and the assumptions underlying its functionality. We also demonstrate through a detailed ex- ample, how the proposed framework compares to planning in one global domain.
Paper: [PDF (2185kB)]
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