Andreas Birk, Jann Poppinga, Todor Stoyanov and Yashodhan Nevatia
Planetary Exploration in USARSim: A Case Study including Real World Data from Mars
Proc. Robocup Internationa Symposium, 2008
Abstract: Intelligent Mobile Robots are increasingly used in unstruc- tured domains; one particularly challenging example for this is plane- tary exploration. The preparation of according missions is highly non- trivial, especially as it is difficult to carry out realistic experiments with- out very sophisticated infrastructures. In this paper, we argue that the Unified System for Automation and Robot Simulation (UASRsim) offers interesting opportunities for research on planetary exploration by mobile robots. With the example of work on terrain classification, it is shown how synthetic as well as real world data from Mars can be used to test an algorithm’s performance in USARsim. Concretely, experiments with an algorithm for the detection of negotiable ground on a planetary surface are presented. It is shown that the approach performs fast and robust on planetary surfaces.
Paper: [PDF (4.0MB)]
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