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Tomasz Piotr Kucner

profile picture Hi and Cześć!
Since September 2012 I am a PhD student at the MR&O Lab at the Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensors Systems (AASS), Dept. of Technology, Örebro University.

Research Interests

My main research interests are Autonomus Mobile Robots, in particular:

Finished Projects

I am curretlny involved in following projects:


Brief CV

I was born in 1988. I have spent my childhood in Lubin (Dolny Śląsk, Poland). After finishing the local high school I have moved to Wroclaw where I studied at the Wroclaw University of Technology. I have recived there a B.Sc. in Computer Management Systems in Manufacturing (2011) and M.Sc. in Robotics (2012). During my studies I was a member of Student Scientific Association of Robotics KoNaR. I have also took part in Erasmsus Programme it gave me an oportunity to spent a year (from September 2011 to June 2012) in Denmark where I was studying at the Syddansk Universitet. Since September 2012 I am a proud member of he Centre of Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) at Örebro University.


Journal Articles

Refereed Conference Papers

Refereed Workshop Papers



Some of my work have resulted in open source software. You can download it through our lab software webpage.



Tomasz Piotr Kucner
AASS Research Centre, Dept. of Computer Science, Örebro University,
SE - 70182 Írebro, Sweden
Room: T1105,
Phone: (+46/0) 19 - 30 1482
Email (masked to avoid spamming): tomasz {dot} kucner {at} oru {dot} se

I support the international committee for robot arms control and the campaign to stop autonomous military robots.