Victor Hernandez Bennetts, Erik Schaffernicht, Todor Stoyanov, Achim J. Lilienthal and Marco Trincavelli.
Robot Assisted Gas Tomography: An Alternative Approach for the Detection of Fugitive Methane Emissions
Workshop on Robotic Monitoring at the Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) 2014. July 13th, Berkeley Ca., USA.
Abstract: Methane (CH4) based combustibles, such as Natural Gas (NG) and BioGas (BG), are considered bridge fuels towards a decarbonized global energy system. NG emits less CO2 during combustion than other fossil fuels and BG can be produced from organic waste. However, at BG production sites, leaks are common and CH4 can escape through fissures in pipes and insulation layers. While by regulation BG producers shall issue monthly CH4 emission reports, measurements are sparsely collected, only at a few predefined locations. Due to the high global warming potential of CH4, efficient leakage detection systems are critical. We present a robotics approach to localize CH4 leaks. In Robot assisted Gas Tomography (RGT), a mobile robot is equipped with remote gas sensors to create gas distribution maps, which can be used to infer the location of emitting sources. Spectroscopy based remote gas sensors report integral concentrations, which means that the measurements are spatially unresolved, with neither information regarding the gas distribution over the optical path nor the length of the s beam. Thus, RGT fuses different sensing modalities, such as range sensors for robot localization and ray tracing, in order to infer plausible gas distribution models that explain the acquired integral concentration measurements.
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