Victor Hernandez Bennetts, Achim J. Lilienthal and Marco Trincavelli
Creating true gas concentration maps in presence of multiple heterogeneous gas sources
Proceedings of the IEEE Sensors Conference, October 28-31, 2012, Taipei, Taiwan.
Abstract: Applications related to industrial plant surveillance and environmental monitoring often require the creation of gas distribution maps (GDM). In this paper an approach for creating a gas distribution map using a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) sensor and a laser range scanner mounted on a pan tilt unit is presented. The TDLAS sensor can remotely sense the target gas, in this case methane, requiring novel GDM algorithms compared to the ones developed for traditional in-situ chemical sensors. The presented setup makes it possible to create a 3D model of the environment and to calculate the path travelled by the TDLAS beam. The knowledge of the beam path is of crucial importance since a TDLAS sensor provides an integral measurement of the gas concentration over that path. An efficient GDM algorithm based on a quadratic programming formulation is proposed. The approach is tested in an indoor scenario where transparent bottles filled with methane are successfully localized.
Keywords: Chemical sensors, Computational modeling, Kernel, Mathematical model, Prediction algorithms, Robots, Sensors
Paper: [PDF (981.2kB)]
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