Amalia Z. Berna, Alexander Vergara, Marco Trincavelli, Ramon Huerta, Ayo Afonja, Ivan P. Parkins, Russell Binions, and Stephen Trowell
Evaluating Zeolite Modified Sensors: towards a faster set of chemical sensors
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose (ISOEN 2011), May 2-5, 2011, New York City, USA.
Abstract: The response of zeolite-modified sensors, prepared by screen printing layers of chromium titanium oxide (CTO), were compared to unmodified tin oxide sensors using amplitude and transient responses. For transient responses we used a family of features, derived from the exponential moving average (EMA), to characterize chemo-resistive responses. All sensors were tested simultaneously against 20 individual volatile compounds from four chemical groups. The responses of the two types of sensors showed some independence. The zeolite modified CTO sensors discriminated compounds better using either amplitude response or EMA features and CTO-modified sensors also responded three times faster.
Paper: [PDF (149kB)]
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