Robert Krug, Dimitar Dimitrov, Krzysztof Charusta, and Boyko Iliev
On the Efficient Computation of Independent Contact Regions for Force Closure Grasps
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2010

Since the introduction of independent contact regions in order to compensate for shortcomings in the positioning accuracy of robotic hands, alternative methods for their generation have been proposed. Due to the fact that (in general) such regions are not unique, the computation methods used usually reflect the envisioned application and/or underlying assumptions made. This paper introduces a parallelizable algorithm for the efficient computation of independent contact regions, under the assumption that a user input in the form of initial guess for the grasping points is readily available. The proposed approach works on discretized 3D-objects with any number of contacts and can be used with any of the following models: frictionless point contact, point contact with friction and soft finger contact. An example of the computation of independent contact regions comprising a non-trivial task wrench space is given.

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