Manipulation and Control - 2011

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Manipulation and Control is a first year graduate course offered annually at Örebro University. Notes from 2010 can be found here.

Course description:

The aim of the course is to introduce the analysis of linear (and in part of nonlinear systems), as well as common control schemes applied to robot manipulators. The course will be divided into four parts. The first part will be a review of basic concepts from linear algebra and differential calculus relevant to the dynamics and control of systems. The second part starts with a review of some of the properties of linear systems, and covers stability analysis of nonlinear systems. In the third part part, the model of a robotic manipulator will be used as an example of a nonlinear system, and commonly applied motion control strategies will be discussed (PID control, linearization and decoupling control, predictive control, passivity based control, robust and adaptive control, compliant motion control). The forth part will be a final project where each student will have to apply an advanced control scheme to a manipulator system.

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