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Achim J. Lilienthal 2012

Achim J. Lilienthal

Welcome to my home page!

I am a professor for Computer Science at Örebro University and head of the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction (MRO) Lab, a research group at the AASS Research Centre formerly called the "Learning Systems Lab".

By design, the research directions of the MRO Lab are aligned with my personal research interests. The general focus is on perception systems for mobile robots that operate in unconstrained, dynamic environments. A major aim is to integrate research results timely in industrial demonstrators. More specifically, my research addresses Rich 3D Perception, Robot Vision and Mobile Robot Olfaction.

Brief CV

Teaching and Supervision

I have ten years teaching experience at university level, including postgraduate courses in machine learning and undergraduate courses in digital image processing, robotics, web development with J2EE and web client programming; supervision of many B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis projects; and supervision of 24 Ph.D. students (18 as primary supervisor).

Guest Lectures


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I am author/co-author of about 150 refereed conference papers and journal publications.

ResearchGate ResearchGate

A selection of papers by topic and a full list of my publications follows below. You can also find my publications together with citation information on Research Gate and my Google Scholar Profile. Please note that Google Scholar has known issues with erroneous metadata and inflated counts due to self-citations (see [Homepage of Gaurav S. Sukhatme]).

Selected Publications ("Top Ten")

Mobile Robot Olfaction

Robotic Map Learning and SLAM (partly also related to Robot Vision)

3D Perception

Robot Vision, Fusion of Visual and Range Information

All Publications

Edited Books / Editorials

Book Chapters

Journal Articles

Peer-Refereed Conference Papers

Peer-Refereed Workshop Papers



Achim J. Lilienthal,
Örebro University,
School of Science and Technology, AASS, Mobile Robotics & Olfaction Lab,
Studentgatan 1,
SE - 70182 Örebro, Sweden
Room: T1222,
Phone: (+46/0) 19 - 30 3602
Fax: (+46/0) 19 - 30 3463
Email (masked to avoid spamming): achim {dot} lilienthal {at} oru {dot} se