The First Swedish Workshop on Autonomous Robotics

A request for participation should be sent to the Secretariat at the following address no later than Oct 5, 2000.
You can also fill in the on-line request for participation below.

! The registration is now closed.


Participation fee for the workshop is 1000 SEK. Cost for attending the official dinner on October 24th is an additional 300 SEK.


Stora Hotelet
Phone: +46 19 15 69 00. Single room from 796 SEK, double room from 940 SEK.

Hotel Örebro
Phone: +46 19 611 73 00. Single room from 595 SEK, double room from 795 SEK.

Hotel Storgården
Phone: +46 19 12 02 00. Single room from 520 SEK, double room from 650 SEK.

These hotels are situated in the city centre within walking distance of Örebro castle. When booking, please make sure to state "Örebro University". For additional alternatives, visit

Online Request for Participation

  I am interested in participating in the First Swedish Workshop on Autonomous Robotics.  

I would like to attend the official dinner.

I plan to present a Group Overview.

I plan to submit a Project Presentation.

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