The First Swedish Workshop on Autonomous Robotics
Call For Participation

AT THE BEGINNING of the new century robotics is undergoing a radical transformation in scope and dimension. From having had a predominant industrial focus, robotics is expanding to face the challenges of unstructured environments. Emerging robotic systems that interact, serve, entertain and explore together with humans will have a significant impact on society. In industry, these advances will affect a wide range of areas in manufacturing, space underwater and air services, healthcare, disaster prevention, waste management, product design and remote intervention, just to mention a few.

WHILE USA AND JAPAN recently have launched major coordinated programmes on future generations of robots, this has not yet taken place in Europe. In view of Sweden's present role in industrial robotics, one might expect that Swedish institutions ought to play a central role in the formulation of a European effort. The First Swedish Workshop on Autonomous Robotics aims at providing a unique opportunity for researchers and engineers in Swedish robotics community to meet and reflect on future directions and establish the basis for cooperation. The setting for these exchanges will include presentations of Swedish research and industrial groups pursuing different aspects and applications of autonomous robotics, and invited speeches by leading international researchers.


The workshop is intended to act as a first get-together for researchers and practitioners interested in advances of and applications of autonomous robotics. Its immediate goal is to map the academic and industrial groups in Sweden involved in systematic, mid- or long-term activities in this area, rather than to list individual accomplishments. In this context, the workshop program will include:

In addition, invited speakers will give talks describing large scale research efforts in the area of autonomous robotics in Sweden, in Europe, and in the USA.


The workshop will take place at Írebro Castle, which dates back from the Middle Ages. It is the residence of the county governor, and it is said to be haunted...

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