SweConsNet Workshop 2011

The 10th Workshop of the Network of Sweden-based
researchers and practitioners of Constraint programming

May 30th, 2011 - Örebro University

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About the Workshop

The Network for Sweden-based researchers and practitioners of Constraint technology (SweConsNet) invites all researchers and practitioners to participate in the yearly SweConsNet Workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to learn about ongoing research in Constraint Programming, existing projects and products, and further development of the network. SweConsNet Workshop 2011 is the 10th edition of this annual event.

The workshop is open to everybody interested in the theory and practice of constraint programming, whether based in Sweden or elsewhere. The scope of the workshop spans all areas of Constraint Programming, and is open to presentations and discussions addressing topics related to both theory and application.

Participation and registration

We highly encourage interested individuals to submit a proposal for a presentation of ongoing work and/or recent results, or of a discussion topic. There are no paper submissions, reviews, or proceedings, hence recent conference/journal papers may also be presented. To register, please send a brief statement of intent, and desirably the title and abstract of your talk, to Federico Pecora.

In order to facilitate organization, please notify us of your intention to participate as soon as possible, and at the latest before May 16th. The workshop does not have a registration fee.


10:15-10:30 Welcome (with coffee)


On Propagating SAT Modulo Theory Formulas over Quantifier-Free Linear Integer Arithmetic as Finite Domain Constraints - M. Carlsson, M. Ågren, N. Beldiceanu (SICS AB / LINA-UMR-CNRS)

Agent-based CSP with Global Constraints - C.C. Rolf and K. Kuchcinski (Lund University)

11:40-13:30 Lunch


Dynamic Variable Elimination During Propagation Solving - C. Schulte (KTH - Royal Institute of Technology) and P. Stuckey (NICTA / U. Melbourne)

A Quadratic Edge-Finding Filtering Algorithm for Cumulative Resource Constraints - R. Kameugne (University of Maroua), L.P. Fotso, Y. Ngo-Kateu (University of Yaounde) and J. Scott (Uppsala University)

CSP & Timelines for Space Applications: from MrSpock to Goal-Oriented Autonomuous Controllers - A. Cesta and S. Fratini (Italian National Research Council)

15:15-15:45 Coffee


Energy-Efficient Task-Mapping for Data-Driven Sensor Network Macroprogramming Using Constraint Programming - F. Hassani Bijarbooneh, P. Flener, E. Ngai, and J. Pearson (Uppsala University)

A Constraint Based Approach to Integrated Planning and Scheduling - S. Magrelli and F. Pecora (Örebro University)

16:55-17:30 Discussion and conclusions

SweConsNet mailing list

Please forward this link to anyone who might be interested in this workshop but is not yet on the SweConsNet mailing list. If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list, please send a message to Justin Pearson.

Location and Accommodation

The workshop will be held at Örebro University, in Teknik-huset (see campus map), room T131 (on the ground floor, follow indications in the corridors of Teknik-huset).

Should you require accommodation, please refer to the hotels lited by Statlig Inköpssamordning.

Directions from

(see also Länstrafiken website for bus map and updated timetable). More detailed directions available here. Complete address:

Örebro University
Fakultetsgatan 1
AASS Research Center (Teknik-huset)
SE-701 82 Örebro, SWEDEN


SweConsNet 2011 is chaired and arranged by Federico Pecora (Örebro University).


The workshop is partially supported by KKS project "SAUNA - Safe Autonomous Navigation", and by Örebro University School of Science and Technology.