Special Issue of Robotics and Autonomous Systems on
Network Robot Systems
Guest editors: A. Sanfeliu, N. Hagita, A. Saffiotti


Published as Volume 56, number 10, October 2008

Network Robot Systems (NRS) is a new concept that integrates physical autonomous robots, environments sensors and human-robot interaction through network-based cooperation. The history of NRS is very new, starting in 2004 as Networked Robots, robots that work interconnected by Internet or by tele-operation, and then expanded to robots that share information of their own embedded sensors and the environment sensors, to do tasks with other robots and with human beings. NRS is not an integration of techniques and technologies to do a task, but a new concept in cooperative robotics which needs to explore models where robots and human beings are cooperating together.

The aim of this Special Issue is to introduce some of the basic concepts and present representative research work in this area.


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