December 13th: The Return of the Light
The Second Örebro Winter School on "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics"


The fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics were strongly connected in the early days of AI, but have since diverged. Typical graduate student curricula concentrate on AI or on robotics, but rarely on both. Students in one area are seldomly aware of the concepts, methods, and achievements in the other one. This Winter School aims at filling this educational gap, by forming the next generation of researchers that will realize integrated intelligent robots. Students will be exposed to technologies at the forefront of research in AI and in Robotics, and will apply some of these through exercises on real robots. This School is the second edition of the successful one held in 2013 (see below).

This School will take place in Örebro, central Sweden, on the days just before St. Lucia's day: December 8th to 13th. Please check the items below for more information about the School.

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Logo This event is fully funded by Örebro University through the program "Forskningsstrategiska satsningar" (research strategic funds) RV422/2011.

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