December 13th: The Return of the Light
The First Örebro Winter School on "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics"

Practical Information


The School will span the whole week of December 9-13, 2013, Monday to Friday. Both Monday and Friday will be full working days. Students are therefore expected to arrive on Sunday 8th, and depart on Saturday 14th.


The Livin Hotel

Students will be hosted in shared accommodations at the Livin' residence. This is walking distance both from the main train station (Örebro Central) and from the city center. Accommodation is provided free of charge from Sunday 8th till Saturday 14th.

Teachers, as well as all researchers invited to the Lucia's research forum on Friday, will stay at the Örebro City Hotel (Best Western). The hotel is situated near the city center, and it is walking distance from the South train station (Örebro Södra).

A map of Örebro showing all the relevant locations is available here.


The School will take place in the city of Örebro, in central Sweden.

The first four days (Monday to Thursday) will be devoted to lectures, discussions and practical exercises. These will be held at the School of Science and Technology of Örebro University. Below is a map of the University showing all the relevant locations.

Orebro University

The last day (Friday) will be devoted to a to the Lucia's Research Forum, featuring a full day discussion on AI and Robotics and on how to form and consolidate a scientific community in this area. The forum will be held at the Conventum convention center, in downtown Örebro. Conventum is an easy five minutes walk from the Best Western hotel. From the Livin' residence, it can be reached by a 15 minutes walk or by bus number 24 or 25 (see above map).

Orebro castle The social dinner will take place on Thursday inside the Örebro Castle. This is 10 minutes walk from both the Livin' residence and the Best Western hotel, half way between the two (see above map).

How to get to the University

Bus stop for bus 1E From the Livin' residence , go to the central train station and catch bus number 1E from bay G.

Time Table of bus 1E This is a direct connection between the train station and Örebro University, with no intermediate stops. The "E" stands for "Express", and it usually carries the indication "Expressbuss". The time table of 1E from the train station is on the right.

Time Table of bus 1 The ride takes approximately 15 minutes, so you should catch the 8:26 bus. For coming back, you will need to take bus number 1 (not express). The time table from the University is on the right.

Bus card You will find a rechargeable bus card in your welcome pack: the card can be used on all busses, just validate it every time you get into a bus. The card has been pre-loaded with 200 SEK, which is good for about 12 trips.

From the Best Western Hotel, you can either take bus number 2 or 4 at the stop "Vågustorget", 100 meters from the hotel (see map); or take a taxi; or walk about 30 minutes. If you take bus number 2, get off at "Studentgatan"; if you take bus number 4, get off at the last stop. The trip takes approximately 15 minutes. You can buy a ticket at the vending machine at the stop, or pay the driver by credit card. If you take a taxi, tell the driver to drop you at "Långhuset". Make sure to collect all receipts and tickets and to send them to me after the School for reimbursement.


Linux laptop

Students are expected to bring their own laptops to the School, since these will be needed for the hands-on exercises. They are also expected to have pre-installed and tested all the needed software, as specified in the pre-school assignments.

There will be wired and wireless connectivity for all guests, both students and teachers. You will find a user name and password in your welcome bag: make sure to bring it with you.

How to reach Örebro

Trains in Sweden

The most convenient way to travel to Örebro is to fly to Stockholm Arlanda airport and then take a train to Örebro. It is a two hours ride from Stockholm to Örebro, with about a train every hour. Stockholm Arlanda is served by all major airlines, and by some good low-cost airline like Norwegian. Other airports from which Örebro can be reached by train are Göteborg (30' bus ride to the station plus 3 hours train) or Stockholm Skavsta (served by Ryanair, 3 to 4 hours train to Örebro). Whichever way you go, make sure to book your trip in good time (i.e., now) since flights to and from Scandinavia tend to be rather full.

You can buy your train ticket on the internet by SJ at (SJ is the Swedish railway company) which is also available in English. This is convenient since tickets bought earlier are cheaper. Make sure to chose the option to print your ticket at home and bring the printed ticket with you. Some of the travel options may include a bus trip to a small station called B&aa;ltsa, and then a train to Örebro. If you prefer a simpler trip, chose the options that go via Stockholm C (Central) station. Once in Stockholm, look for your train to Örebro: this is often on tracks 5, 6, 7 or 8. The final destination might be Göteborg or Hallsberg, but Örebro will also be marked as one of the main stops. If you are staying at the Livin' hotel, get off at Örebro Central station (the first stop coming from Stockholm). If you are staying at Best Western, you may either get off at Örebro Central and take a taxi, or get off at Örebro Södra (the second stop) and walk.

Even if you do not buy your train ticket online, use the SJ website to make sure that there is a train at the time when you arrive in Stockholm, and that there is one on Saturday 14 that allows you to catch your return flight. Trains in Sweden do not run very early or very late, especially on weekends. Remember that you must check in at the hotel on Sunday. Contact the chair of the school if this is not possible for you.

In case of problems: don't panic! Almost everyone in Sweden speaks English, and people are kind and helpful. If you have problems at Arlanda (e.g., your flight is late) go to the SJ desk located at "Sky City" in the middle of the airport. If you have problems at Stockholm central station, go to the SJ ticket and information office. The Sweden train system is very effective: if there is a problem, they will find a way to get you to your destination anyway!


The School will cover the accommodation for six nights during the days of the School, i.e., from Sunday 8 to Saturday 14; Lunches and coffee breaks during the School days; and the social dinner on Thursday 12. Registration costs are also covered by the School: students do not need to pay any registration fee. No other costs are covered.

Financial support for the School is provided by Örebro University through the program "Forskningsstrategiska satsningar" (research strategic funds, RV422/2011).


In case of need, you can contact the local organizer Federico Pecora at +46-702-842638, or Alessandro Saffiotti at +46-702-897026. For real emergencies, the 112 unified emergency number is operational in Sweden.


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