December 13th: The Return of the Light Logo
The time when AI and Robotics rejoin... maybe!


The "Lucia 2012" event is now over. These have been two rewarding days characterized by intense brainstorming, exchange of ideas, planning, and most notably very pleasant personal interactions. We feel that this event has marked an important beginning. Here are, in short, the main outcomes:

  1. We have agreed on the need to publish an "AI and Robotics Manifesto" to foster a more organized and systematic effort on combining AI and Robotics. Some initial material for the manifesto has been produced, and a publication schedule agreed.
  2. We will create a set of community tools on the Internet, under the heading "AI and Robotics". These include: a web portal, a wiki space, and a mailing list. These tools are now under development and they will be available by the end of January.
  3. We will organize a Winter school in AI and Robotics in Orebro in 2013. This will serve as a field test to develop a joint doctoral curriculum on AI and Robotics, to be eventually shared across universities.
  4. We will aim at meeting at least once a year at a commonly agreed major AI or Robotics conference. We will meet at AAAI-2013 (USA), IROS-2014 (USA) and IROS-2015 (Germany). Other coming events include the AAAI Spring Symposium 2013 "Designing Intelligent Robots: Reintegrating AI", and the AAMAS ARMS workshop.
  5. A discussion on the main research challenges relevant to "AI and Robotics" was started, but could not be completed at this event. A discussion on the relevant benchmarks and evaluation metrics was also deemed important but could not be fit in the available time. Both discussions will continue through the web infrastructure (point 2) and follow-up meetings.
  6. We will produce a survey document on AI and Robotics, also exploiting the web infrastructure for collecting and discussing relevant material.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this event a great success!


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