December 13th: The Return of the Light Logo
The time when AI and Robotics rejoin... maybe!

Questions to be Addressed

The Lucia-2012 event will be mostly a guided brainstorming, where guidance will be provided by a set of questions. (See motivations and objectives). The outcome of this event will constitute the basis for three possible documents:

  1. a research and technological roadmap for the field of "AI and robotics";
  2. a white paper on this field, to be used as input for future funding programmes; or
  3. a graduate curriculum for creating the next generation of researchers in this field.
In this Event we mostly target the last document, but the first two may also be produced if there is enough interests in those.

Request for Position Statements

In order to make the meeting more focused and effective, we will collect initial answers to these questions before the event in the form of brief position statements. Please write a position statement explaining your point of view on the main questions addressed by this event. Your statement should be no longer than 3000 words, and it should be sent to me by Friday, November 30, 2012. All the statements will be made available to the meeting participants before and during the meeting. They will not be made public.

I kindly request you to organize your statement by addressing the specific questions reported in the next section. Please note: this is not meant to be a dumb questionnaire, these questions are to be taken as guidelines. Of course you are free to depart from these if you really need to. You may also chose to address one or two of the questions in full detail, and to give very short answers to the others. In all cases, please make sure to address at least questions (1), (2) and (9).

For the purpose of writing your statement, I'd like you to take one specific role, or point of view: AI researcher or Robotics researcher (see question 1). If you feel that you would like to say something from both points of view, feel free to send two separate statements!


  1. Point of view. Are you writing from the point of view of an AI researcher, possibly interested in robotics, or of a Robotics researcher, possibly interested in AI?
  2. Background. What do you consider to be your main background? What do you regard as your principal current area of activity? What were your main areas of activities in the past?
  3. Frustration. Is there a gap between research in AI and Robotics? Is this gap: new? old? widening? narrowing? Are there effective venues that connect the two ends? In what epistemological relation are Robotics and AI? Is one an application domain of the other? Or are they parallel areas?
    Questions (4-6) below are written from the Robotics point of view. If you have chosen to take the AI point of view in question 1, please swap the terms "AI / Robotics" and "IJCAI / ICRA" in these questions.
  4. New progress. Given what you know about the state of the art in AI, what do you see as a major leap(s) forward in Robotics which would be enabled by incorporating ideas, principles or techniques from AI? Would this leap mostly exploit ideas, principles, or techniques? Which ones?
  5. New research questions. Given what you know about the state of the art in AI, what do you see as a new major research question(s) in Robotics which would arise from the attempt to incorporate ideas, principles or techniques from AI? Which ones?
  6. Knowledge transfer. You are asked to give a plenary at IJCAI on "Methods, techniques and open problems in Robotics which are of relevance to AI". What do you plan include? By a lucky coincidence, while preparing your lecture you attend a tutorial at ICRA on "Methods, techniques and open problems in AI which are of relevance to Robotics". What would you like to hear?
  7. The next generation. Imagine that you define a research project aimed at achieving the above leap and/or addressing the above research question. You are given funds to enroll two PhD students in this project: Mr A, who has a Computer Science background with specialization in AI; and Ms R, who has a Mechanical or Electrical Engineering background with specialization in Robotics. What courses or experiences would you like Mr A to have taken, in addition to his standard CS curriculum, so that he can best work on this project? What for Ms R? What new courses would you like both of them to attend after you enroll them? What books would you like them to read and discuss together?
  8. A joint community. Consider the research project above. Where would you present and discuss your progress? Where would you publish your best results?
  9. Oucomes of this workshop. You are flying back home after the Lucia's event, and you have a document in your laptop which has been produced at the event. In your best hope, what does this document contain?


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