Journal of Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Special Issue on "Ambient Ecologies"
Guest editors: Achilles Kameas and Alessandro Saffiotti


Published as Volume 8, number 4, August 2012

An Ambient Ecology consists of smart objects, autonomous artifacts, portable objects, mobile robots, plain objects, services and people. Ambient Ecologies reside in Smart Environments. While smart objects and environments focus on information storage and processing, the main feature of an Ambient Ecology is interaction: smart objects interact with each other and with the smart environment, people interact with the Ambient Ecology components or the applications these support, etc.

The aim of this special issue is to collect in a single place a collection of high-quality papers reporting original research results on topics that are central to the study and development of Ambient Ecologies. The ambition is also to provide a bridge between the Robotics and the Pervasive Computing communities, which are independengly but convergengly moving toward the study of Ambient Ecologies.


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