ICRA-07 Workshop on
Semantic Information in Robotics
April 10, 2007  •  Rome, Italy


School of Engineering of the University of Roma "La Sapienza". Via Eudossiana 18, Rome. Room: "Aula 11". See venue map to locate the Aula, which is accessible from a mezzanine leading to the main floor. See the ICRA 2007 website for information about travel and accommodation.


The full proceedings can be dowloaded here. Alternatively, you can download individual papers by clicking on the PDF icons in the program below.

Final Program

14:00 Workshop starts  
14:00 Welcome and introduction
14:10 Invited talk 1 (chair: J. Hertzberg)
High-level Interpretation of the Visual Environment
by Bernd Neumann (University of Hamburg, Germany)
14:45 Paper session 1: Semantics in spatial reasoning (chair: K. Konolige)
From Labels to Semantics: An Integrated System for Conceptual Spatial Representations of Indoor Environments for Mobile Robots (O. Martínez-Mozos, P. Jensfelt, H. Zender, G.J. M. Kruijff, W. Burgard) PDF
Cognitive Spatial Representations for Mobile Robots: Perspectives from a user study (S. Vasudevan, S. Gächter, R. Siegwart) PDF
15:30 Flash introduction to the posters & poster viewing (chair: A. Saffiotti) PDF
15:45 Coffee break and poster session
16:10 Invited talk 2 (chair: A. Saffiotti)
Contextualization in Mobile Robots
by Daniele Nardi (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy)
16:45 Paper session 2: Semantics in task execution (chair: B. Kröse)
Towards a Cognitive Architecture for Mobile Robots in Intelligent Buildings (F. Capezio, F. Mastrogiovanni, A. Sgorbissa, R. Zaccaria) PDF
Knowledge Representation in CiceRobot: a Robot for Explorations of Cultural Heritage (A. Chella, M. Liotta, I. Macaluso) PDF
Using Semantic Information for Improving Efficiency of Robot Task Planning (C. Galindo, J.-A. Fernández-Madrigal, J. González, A. Saffiotti) PDF
Acquisition of Meaning through Distributed Robot Control (R. A. Téllez, C. Angulo) PDF
18:10 Closing remarks
18:15 Workshop ends
18:30 ICRA-2007 welcome reception


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