ICRA-07 Workshop on
Semantic Information in Robotics
April 10, 2007  •  Rome, Italy


There is a growing tendency to introduce high-level semantic information into robotic systems. This tendency is visible in many areas of robotics, including mapping and localization, robotic vision, human-robot interaction, and the use of ontologies to improve inter-operability of robotic components. While all these efforts share many common questions and issues, work is often pursued in isolation within a specific area, without being aware of the related achievements is other areas.

The ICRA-07 Workshop on Semantic Information in Robotics will be part of the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). This workshop workshop has the ambition to lay the first stone in building a community of people who are all tackling the problem of using semantic information in robotics, in all its different forms. The workshop will provide a common forum where people can exchange ideas and experiences on this problem, and identify the common questions and concerns. It will also emphasize the link between the robotic community and the knowledge representation (KR) community in AI.


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