ICRA-2005 Workshop on
Cooperative Robotics
April 22, 2005  -  Barcelona, Spain


The domain of cooperative robotics is acquiring prominent importance in many key application areas. Teams of robots cooperatings among them and/or with humans can perform a variety of tasks in a faster, more reliable, and more flexible way than a single robot. The rapidly growing scientific and industrial interest in cooperative robotics makes this domain extremely important for graduate students and young researchers in the field of autonomous robotics.

The ICRA 2005 Workshop on Cooperative Robotics will be part of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. This workshop has four primary aims. First, to expose international researchers in general, and graduate students in particular, to the latest technologies for cooperative robotics. Second, to help young researchers and students to create an international network of contacts. Third, to consolidate the research community in this field, which is still somehow dispersed, especially in Europe. Fourth, to enhance the visibility of European research on cooperative robotics.

This workshop will offer a forum where senior and young researchers can discuss their ideas and results on cooperative robotics. The workshop will include presentations by young researchers, invited talks by top-level scientists, and presentations of European groups active in cooperative robotics. These events will be held in a half-day single track to keep the participants together at all times.


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