Fuzzy logic techniques for autonomous vehicle navigation

A tutorial by Alessandro Saffiotti


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The challenge of autonomous robot navigation
The autonomous navigation problem
Two views of the robot control problem
Facing the challenge
Engineering the systems
Hierarchical architectures
Reactive architectures
Hybrid architectures

Fuzzy logic for motion control
Fuzzy sets (reminder)
Motion control
Fuzzy control (reminder)
Desirability interpretation
Fuzzy behaviors
Reactive and goal-oriented behaviors
Propriceptive behaviors
Case study 1: GoToTarget
Exteroceptive behaviors
Coping with the large input space
Case study 2: Obstacle Avoidance

Fuzzy logic for behavior coordination
Behavior coordination
Two facetos of the coordination problem
Today's Buridano
Context-Dependent Blending (CDB)
Examples of CDB

Fuzzy logic for environment modeling
Environment modeling
Fuzzy sets: the possibilistic interpretation
Combination of information
The map hierarchy
Example: fuzzy geometric maps
Case study 3: occupancy grids

Grandeur et misère of fuzzy logic
Wrappin' up
...for behavior design
...for behavior coordination
...for environment modeling
The final word

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