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Further Readings

  1. Rosenblatt J. K. and Payton D. W. (1989) A fine-grained alternative to the subsumption architecture for mobile robot control. Procs of the IEEE Int Conf on Neural Networks Vol 2 pp 317--324.

    The first ``naive'' proposal of fuzzy command fusion, developed by two roboticists who were unaware of fuzzy logic. Restated in terms of fuzzy logic by (Baxter and Bumby 1993) and (Yen and Pfluger 1995).

  2. Saffiotti A. (1997) Fuzzy Logic in the Autonomous Mobile Robot Flakey On-line bibliography at http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/saffiotti/flakeybib.html.

    A collection of on-line papers on the use of fuzzy logic in the robot Flakey, with links to related papers.

  3. Saffiotti A. (1998) The Uses of Fuzzy Logic in Autonomous Robotics Soft Computing (in press).

    A survey on the uses of fuzzy computation techniques in autonomous robotics. Includes extensive bibliography. A constantly updated version is maintained on the Web at http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/FLAR/survey.html.

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