Fuzzy Logic Techniques for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
Dimiter Driankov and Alessandro Saffiotti (Eds)


Table of Contents

Part I: Tutorials

Autonomous Robot Navigation [Download]
A. Saffiotti

A Reminder of Fuzzy Logic [Download]
D. Driankov

Part II: Design of Individual Behaviors

Mobile Robot Path Tracking and Visual Target Tracking using Fuzzy Logic
A. Ollero, J. Ferruz, O. Sanchez, and G. Heredia

Fuzzy Logic for Fusion of Tactical Influences on Vehicle Speed Control
R. R. Murphy

Neuro Fuzzy Control for Basic Mobile Robot Behaviours
J. Godjevac and N. Steele

The Role of Fuzzy Logic Control in Evolutionary Robotics
F. Hoffmann

Part III: Coordination of Behaviors

Resolving Conflict between Behaviors using Suppression and Inhibition
F. Pin and Y. Watanabe

Multi-Layered Fuzzy Behavior Fusion for Reactive Control of Autonomous Robots
S. G. Goodridge and M. G. Kay

Fuzzy-Behavior Synthesis, Coordination, and Evolution in an Adaptive Behavior Hierarchy
E. W. Tunstel Jr

Multiple Objective vs. Fuzzy Behavior Coordination
P. Pirjanian and M. Mataric

Part IV: Mapping the Environment

Accurate Map Building via Fusion of Laser and Ultrasonic Range Measures
E. Fabrizi, G. Oriolo, and G. Ulivi

Map Generation by Cooperative Autonomous Robots using Possibility Theory
M. López-Sánchez, R. López de Màntaras, and C. Sierra

Integrating Linguistic Descriptions and Sensor Observations for the Navigation of Autonomous Robots
J. Gasós

Part V: Layer Integration

MORIA - A Robot with Fuzzy Controlled Behaviour
L. Peters and H. Surmann

Integrating Deliberative and Reactive Strategies via Fuzzy Modular Control
J. Zhang and A. Knoll


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