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Using Fuzzy Logic in Autonomous Robotics
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This is the entry point to a set of pages devoted to the use of Fuzzy Logic for Autonomous Robot navigation (FLAR). If you would like to contribute your comments, or point to additional Web pages and references, please contact the site maintainer at <>. I appreciate your help in making this site a useful shared resource.


Currently available resources

Book on fuzzy logic techniques for autonomous vehicle navigation HTML
Survey Paper on the use of fuzzy logic in autonomous robot navigation HTML
Bibliography on fuzzy logic approaches to autonomous robotics HTML | BibTeX
On-Line Tutorial on fuzzy logic in autonomous robotics HTML
On-Line Paper on the use of fuzzy logic in the autonomous robot Flakey HTML | PostScript
On-Line Paper on the use of fuzzy logic in RoboCup HTML | PostScript
1st On-Line Workshop on FLAR at WSC1 (August 1996) HTML


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