Special Interest Group on
Cooperative Robotics
Join the Interest Group
Membership to this SIG is open to all the interested EURON members which are active in the field of cooperative robotics. Research groups outside EURON can also become members of this SIG, but financial support to participate in the SIG activities cannot be granted to them. Groups from both academia and industry are welcome to join. Membership is free of charge.
Research groups wishing to join this SIG should send an email request to the SIG Coordinators, specifying the following information:
  1. Name of the research group
  2. Parent institution of the research group
  3. Home page of the research group
  4. Name of a contact person, including home page and email address (*)
  5. Short description of the group and of its areas of expertise, emphasizing the group's activity in the field of cooperative robotics (maximum 300 words, possibly including a picture)
(*) The email address will not be published on this web site.
Join the Mailing List
The SIG maintains a mailing list of individuals interested in cooperative robotics, worldwide. The list is moderated and low-traffic, and it is intended to carry annoucements of scientific events, news, and open positions of relevance to this group. The mailing list is open to all interested individuals, including those who do not belog to a member group of this SIG.
Please go to the SIG List Server page if you wish to subscribe to the mailing list.
Register as a Wiki contributor
The SIG Wiki can be browsed by everyone, but only registered users can edit it and add material to it. Please contact the SIG coordinators to register as a Wiki contributor. Notice that your group must be a member of this SIG for you to register.
Note to previous members
This SIG is a continuation of a previous one, which was run under the EURON-1 network from 2000 till 2005. However, in order to avoid obsolete information, previous SIG members are not automatically transferred to the new SIG: if you want to join this SIG, please follow the above procedures.